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Aerobic Septic System Maintenance Service

Every Septic System requires periodic maintenance to ensure a healthy, operational system. When you're unsure or know It's time for a check-up or routine maintenance, give Parker's Septic Services a call. Our team is confident we can earn your business.
Parkers Septic Services Maintenance Aerobic

Aerobic Septic System Maintenance Service

Proper septic system maintenance is vital to the life and function of the system and when an aerobic treatment unit is involved, it is required by law, due to the treated wastewater likely coming into contact with surface water. The state has found household wastewater to be the #1 pollutant to our creeks, streams, rivers and lakes which are used to provide much of the drinking water for our cities.

Maintenance of conventional gravity fed septic systems is typically as simple as regular cleaning of the tanks, whose purpose is to hold the solid waste. Once solid waste begins entering into the disposal field, failure soon follows. When dealing with aerobic treatment septic systems, much more is involved such as sludge levels, air supply to the wastewater, filters, pumps, alarm circuits, etc.

One thing to remember is preventive maintenance cost much less than making repairs.

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