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Septic System Solutions

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Parkers Septic System Texas

Aerobic Treatment Septic System

An aerobic treatment septic system is utilized in high clay content soils and/or also when water tables are near the ground surface. There are different disposal methods used with this type of system the most common and cheapest being surface spray.
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Conventional Septic System Texas

Conventional Septic System

The conventional septic system is the most familiar, a pair of tanks and some field-line or in the case as shown above the modern alternative to the traditional rock in a ditch called leaching chambers. There are still a lot of the conventional septic systems being installed in Texas but proper soil conditions and no signs of a water table are a must.
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Low Pressure Dosing Septic System

Low Pressure Dosing (LPD)

A low pressure dosing or LPD is a common alternative to having an aerobic septic unit. These systems use the conventional anaerobic septic tanks with the addition of a pump tank. The state of Texas allows these systems to be installed in heavy clay soils.
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Drip Irrigation Disposal Septic Service Texas

Drip Irrigation Disposal

The drip irrigation system has several components which include: a septic tank, a hydraulic unit pump tank, a hydraulic unit, and a special drip irrigation system buried within a few inches of the soil surface.
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